FPV Balmoral

FPV Balmoral


UMC was tasked with carrying out structural repairs to the Balmoral Floating Production Vessel (FPV). The challenge was to carry out the work at the affected area, between the pontoon top and column at a depth of 14m in the harsh conditions of the central North Sea.


UMC’s solution was selected as the optimum one. UMC designed and built a series of cofferdams which would enable the work to be carried out while the platform remained operational.

Project managers were deployed for the installation and welders for subsequent repairs. This included provision of all associated methodology and risk assessments.

Once in position, the cofferdams were de-watered to create a sealed dry environment. This enabled the affected area to be cut out and permanent, fully class-approved repairs to be undertaken. Single-sided welding was used, which allowed all work to be carried out from inside the column. All welds underwent Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) with a 100% pass rate.

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