Singapore Waterfront

Singapore Waterfront


UMC International was tasked with underwater civil engineering operations to regenerate the waterfront area, transforming wharves and piers into a new lifestyle area.  Operations were in accordance with Singapore regulations, UMC safety management system and prime contrator's onsite regulations.  The key challenges focussed on restricted crane access and the ability to undertake underwater dry repairs on some areas.


  • Inspection of the existing structures prior to commencement of civil engineering works to map and locate all subsea piles etc.
  • Removal of all existing condemned piles by means of underwater oxy-arc cutting.  Due to restricted crane access, piles were recovered to a suitable location using appropriate lift bags prior to craning from the water.
  • In-water positioning of new structures for the pier area.
  • Fabrication and placement of large cofferdaams in existing sub-sea culverts in order to allow dry repairs to the pipeline systems.
  • Carry out seabed inspection work to map profiles and remove debris which may have proven a hazard to future navigation adjacent to jetty areas.

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