Dropped Objects Awareness and Prevention Scheme

Dropped Objects Awareness and Prevention Scheme


Dropped objects feature in the Top 10 Causes of Fatality and Serious Injury in the Oil and Gas Industry.

UMC are committed to providing a professional and efficient service whilst carrying out dropped object surveys around the globe for multiple clients at various locations both onshore and offshore, mitigating risk to personnel and company assets.

Unfortunately dropped objects throughout the industry are still responsible for injury and fatalities. We aim to work with you to reduce this type of incident and create a safer industry, for all involved. To service your needs, we can attend your worksite/ installation and carry out initial surveys and also periodic follow up surveys. Remedial or corrective actions to close out any non-conformances found can also be carried out immediately if the required fixings are available.

Our technicians and surveyors are experienced and due to our on-going training program we are able to offer our clients the latest information and requirements, so as to mitigate (as much as practically possible) the occurrence of incidents relating to dropped objects in your place of work.