Propeller Repair and Replacement

Propeller Repair and Replacement


UMC offers technically sophisticated solutions to propeller damage and associated performace problems via the One Ocean™ network. This network has been formed between UMC International, All-Sea Enterprises and Phoenix International to offer a global single common standard of service delivery.

Through this association, UMC is able to perform underwater 'shop quality' repairs, which, in many cases are considered as 'permanent' by the Classification Societies. The One Ocean™ network can now accomplish repairs underwater that, until recently, could be done only in propeller shops. UMC personnel have undergone extensive classroom and on-the-job training in propeller repair. This training has included operating specialized equipment and techniques that allow propeller blade straightening; mass in-balance correction and technical inspections.

Experienced propeller specialists perform all repairs, and when necessary, a hydrodynamicist provides assistance and supervision. Repairs are usually accomplished at a vessel's scheduled stop without causing delay or interruption.


  • Accurate identification of damage, including detection of micro-fractures
  • Establishment of hydrodynamic contour
  • Straightening (dry)
  • New blade tips
  • New Propellers
  • Blue fit of propellers and rudder stocks
  • Balancing of blades and fixed pitch propellers
  • Restoration of propeller mass and hydrodynamic balance
  • Contour modification to correct cavitations
  • Edge modification, including anti-sing correction
  • Correction of propeller-induced engine overload
  • ACFM (Alternating Current Field Measurement) detection for cracks
  • Super polishing to less than 1 micron
  • Afloat replacement of thrusters, propellers and blades
  • Global assistance at over 300 ports