Stabiliser Repair and Replacement

Stabiliser Repair and Replacement


UMC have developed a range of procedures and associated equipment to allow the afloat repair and replacement of stabilisers.

Work has successfully been carried out on both fixed fin and retractable stabilisers on commercial and naval vessels around the world. The equipment necessary to carry out the majority of repairs is contained in small ISO standard shipping containers and therefore can be easily deployed wherever required.

UMC will develop procedures and safety assessments, as well as specifying all equipment for carrying out the work. The dive team are overseen by an experienced UMC project manager, to ensure the whole process is carried out in a fully controlled and efficient manner.


Replacement of Fixed Fin Stabilisers has been carried out on many vessels from super yachts to aircraft carriers. These replacements have been necessary either due to external collision/grounding damage, or because of internal issues such as bearing problems affecting the main shaft.

Other repairs have included but would not be limited to:

  • Removal of snagged rope etc from shaft area
  • Repair of fin coating
  • Replacement of shaft seals
  • Weld repairs to crux boxes
  • Replacement on internal bearings
  • Replacement of main shaft bearings