UMC International Global Network

UMC International Global Network


In order to meet an escalation of international interest, UMC has established a network of offices, agents, partners and associates to provide a global network of expertise. At the heart of this is the One Ocean™ network. This has many advantages for ship owners and managers and can often improve their management time. UMC can immediately advise on local tides and weather conditions, and give advice on location permits and any possible limitations. Follow-up work can occur between locations due to sailing deadlines and UMC can project-manage and coordinate a shared operational task through their worldwide cooperative partnerships at over 300 global locations.


UMC holds a current ISO 9001:2008 certificate and is formally accredited by the leading Classification Societies. We carry out supplier reviews with our partners ensuring that underwater maintenance and repair capabilities are identified at each location. Many of the overseas diving companies within our global network have capabilities to carry out both underwater maintenance and repair. However, a strong global support network also increases our ability to utilise local diving companies to assist us with our fly-away repair expertise. Being able to utilise worldwide support divers and equipment, with whom we already have a trusted relationship, often presents the most cost-effective solution.


UMC offers a wealth of established underwater hull cleaning stations on a worldwide scale, capable of cleaning all types of vessel and coatings. At the heart of this network is the versatile and highly successful, diver operated Mini Pamper hull cleaning machine, which is complemented by a growing range of other equipment systems, including Remotely Operated Vehicles, brushless technologies to protect the most delicate coatings and fouling recovery systems that protect the environment.